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Skid-mounted neutralizers

The neutralizing tank is included!
ChemIndustrial’s Neutralizer Skid is perfect for small industrial processes and laboratories

ChemIndustrial builds standardized state-of-the-art skid-mounted neutralizers for small industrial processes and laboratories. These are integrated pH treatment systems combining a neutralizing tank with ChemIndustrial’s advanced controls plus the mixing, pumping, sensing and chemical injection components required to treat and discharge process waste streams.

Small footprint

ChemIndustrial skid-mounted neutralizers have small footprints – typically 4 ft x 4 ft for small industrial models. They are easily received and moved at the customer’s facility. Lab models can be even smaller to fit through tight doorways and aisles. They have even smaller footprints for installation where space is limited.  Some are small enough to install under a lab bench or in a fume hood.


Simple Installation

Connect the inlet and discharge pipes, provide electrical and air service and you’re ready for start-up.

Chemical resistant materials

ChemIndustrial provides wide chemical resistance by using polyolefin components and Viton®elastomers in contact with process liquids. A detailed list of chemical resistance of polypropylene pipe is found here.

ChemIndustrial technology and philosophy

These Neutralizers are equipped with ChemIndustrial’s proprietary pH controls. Be sure to review the impressive capabilities and easily-understood operator interface of ChemIndustrial control systems when considering the purchase of any Neutralizer.

ChemIndustrial uses pumped venturi chemical injection technology in these Neutralizers. Be sure to review the many functional and maintenance advantages of this highly reliable chemical injection technique.

Standardization means that ChemIndustrial’s packaged Neutralizers are an economical way to bring your high and low pH waste streams into compliance with discharge regulations and permits.

Use a stand-alone ChemIndustrial Neutralizer to treat non-critical flows, or combine it with a surge tank to handle continuous discharges from critical processes.

Contact ChemIndustrial today to discuss your pH treatment needs.