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ChemIndustrial Metering Pumps


Model 160EH: corrosion resistant single stream metering pump for injecting up to 160 gallons per hour of chemical into line pressures up to 125 psi.
Model 15/15/15/15E3: inject 1 to 4 chemicals simultaneously with a ChemIndustrial multiflow metering pump. Each line’s injection rate is separately adjustable from 0 to 15gph.

Low maintenance, high accuracy

With only one moving part (a smooth-spinning centrifugal pump impeller), pumped venturi injection offers important benefits over reciprocating techniques like piston pumps and diaphragm pumps.

Metering and rate adjustment are easily done in real time, with direct indicating flowmeters showing the exact injection rate. No calibration procedure is necessary!

The smooth-running centrifugal pump is inherently less failure-prone than piston or diaphragm pumps. The simplicity of pumped venturi metering means a ChemIndustrial pump will continue performing long after other pumps are consigned to the breakdown bin.

ChemIndustrial pumped venturi metering pumps are competitive in initial cost with piston and diaphragm pumps for similar service and they enjoy significant price advantages in high capacity, medium pressure metering applications. They are usually more economical than peristaltic pumps, gear pumps and lobe pumps of similar capacities.

Nothing else to buy
Model 400G: 400 gallon per hour chemical feed system powered by a Honda engine

Even our basic metering pump models come preassembled, fully equipped and ready to run, including:

  • Centrifugal pump and venturi(s)
  • Direct-indicating flowmeters
  • Intuitive, real-time injection rate controls
  • Protective strainers
  • Check valves
  • Motive liquid and injectate connections
  • Protective stainless steel frame

With smooth-running ChemIndustrial metering pumps, there’s no need for pulsation dampers, calibration kits, injection quills, injectate priming bleed valves or other extras.

Industries served

ChemIndustrial builds versatile liquid chemical dosing systems to precisely inject liquids in most industrial, process and wastewater applications.

Corrosion-resistant materials of construction

ChemIndustrial metering pumps inject a very wide range of chemicals, including:

  • Acids
  • Caustic (NaOH) and other bases
  • Hypochlorite
  • Alum
  • Aqueous ammonia

Standard chemical contact materials include polypropylene, Viton® and Teflon®. Durable construction ensures low maintenance and dependable operation.

Other material options are used in some petrochemical, solvent and highly aggressive applications – check with a ChemIndustrial engineer for material options.

Special metering pump applications

ChemIndustrial provides alternatives for special applications when a standard pumped venturi metering pump is not applicable.

Custom systems

ChemIndustrial’s custom systems expand on the capabilities of our standard metering systems. If you have an unusual metering requirement contact a ChemIndustrial engineer to determine whether a ChemIndustrial custom control system will be right for your process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit the Metering Pump FAQs for more even more information about ChemIndustrial metering pumps.