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Process Control Systems

ChemIndustrial’s small process skids are tightly integrated with their instrumentation and control systems.

In most cases, ChemIndustrial installs a fully capable process control computer on each small process skid. This allows skids to perform their tasks autonomously.

In addition, our process control computers can be networked. And our networking system has very low programming demands so it is easy for us to link computers when we need to coordinate operations among several skids. The network can also link to a PC for data operations such as event logging and/or recipe handling.

ChemIndustrial works hard to provide easy-to-use operator interfaces. Information displays are well organized and we provide simple, consistent ways for operators to intervene in the process. Display device options range all the way from low-cost membrane keypads and LCD text displays to high-end graphic color touch screens.

Most ChemIndustrial control systems have a modem or other Internet connection that lets a supervisor operate or troubleshoot the process from a remote PC. The link allows real-time remote viewing of the operator interface of any process computer on the network. Mouse clicks are used to “press” keys or “touch” active zones on graphic screens and thus operate the system.

ChemIndustrial uses consistent programming techniques throughout our product line and we strive to create programs that can be reused. It is likely that one of our reusable programs can save time and expense on your next project. 

The possibility of re-use often allows us to quote control programming for custom process skids at a lower price than other system suppliers.