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Polyethylene Storage Tanks – FAQs

Q Can I order a tank with additional fittings?
A Yes. We can factory install extra fittings at a modest extra cost.
Q What is the recommended temperature range for poly tanks?
A Poly tanks can be operated continuously with contents at 120°F. Tanks can stand intermittent exposure to temperatures up to 140°F.
Q How can I find the freight cost to deliver a tank to my location?
A Just ask us. Give us the delivery ZIP Code and we’ll give you a freight price that’s valid for 30 days.
Q Standard poly tank prices include only a drain connection. I also need an inlet connection. What should I do?
A Almost all connections to polyethylene tanks are made using plastic bulkhead fittings. We can provide and install additional bulkhead fittings at modest cost.
Q How do I show you where to install extra fittings?
A Print a copy of our online drawing for the tank you need. Mark the drawing to tell us what fitting is needed and your required location. When asking for more than one extra fitting you should mark a separate drawing of the same tank to specify the location of each extra fitting. Here’s an example of a marked up drawing.
Q Is there any way to connect things other than pipes to a poly tank? For instance, I don’t have any nearby walls or columns to mount a control panel and a hose bib and I hate stanchions.
A ChemIndustrial can provide equipment mounting points on vertical tank walls. Tell us what you want to install and where you want to install it.
Q I need to mix my tank contents. Can a mixer be added to these tanks?
A Yes – see our poly mix tank website for ChemIndustrial’s agitator-equipped tanks.
Q What liquid density can poly tanks handle?
A Our standard poly tanks are suitable for liquids up to a specific gravity of 1.7.  We have a 20% heavy-duty option that lets tanks handle specific gravity up to 1.9.
Q I need to install a pump near the tank. Is there any way to mount a control panel on the tank wall?
A Yes. ChemIndustrial offers several tank accessories that provide tank wall mounting points for things like small control panels.
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