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pH Neutralizing

pH control around the neutral point is notoriously difficult due to the logarithmic nature of the pH scale. Turn to ChemIndustrial as your source for specialized process equipment and controls to achieve successful neutralization.


AutoCalibrate™, ChemIndustrial's automatic pH probe calibration feature (panel on left), is one of many advanced neutralizer options.
  • Features of neutralizing systems
    Chemical resistance, configurability and options, including remote operation and troubleshooting
  • Neutralizing systems
    Receives, samples, measures and controls the pH of liquid discharged from a facility
  • pH control systems
    Similar to a neutralizer, but designed to control pH at non-neutral values
  • Skid-mounted neutralizers
    Complete systems featuring small footprints and integrated neutralization tanks
  • Lab neutralizers
    Semi-automatic systems small enough to fit through tight doorways and even under a lab bench!
  • AutoCalibrate™ – automated pH calibration
    Automatically calibrates and cleans your pH probe on a regular basis
  • Redundant pH probe systems
    Perform probe maintenance without stopping your process

Will your process requirements change in the future? ChemIndustrial offers two basic neutralizer configurations.

  • One-way neutralization for correcting pH that always varies in the same direction from the required range
  • Two-way neutralization for correcting pH that can vary either above or below the required range


  • Reliable pumped venturi injection
  • Low component count
  • A complete, integrated package ready to install
  • Available with tank, or to integrate with owner’s tank
  • Single vendor responsibility
  • Intuitive controls
  • Multiple control modes for difficult processes
  • Liquid circulation cleans the sensor
  • Prompted sensor calibration
  • On-board alarm system integrates with owner’s controls
  • Optional modem allows remote operation and troubleshooting

Neutralizing and pH control systems - FAQs