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Chemical dilution stations

Chemical dilution stations

ChemIndustrial manufactures engineered dilution stations that blend additives into a flowing stream of liquid.

The simplest form of this equipment allows water to flow at a constant rate through a venturi that draws an adjustable flow of one or more liquid additives into the water. This type of simple dilution station usually requires no pumps and only a very modest control system.

Manual dilution station

The manual version of the dilution station is started and stopped by manually turning the water supply fully on or fully off to satisfy the need for diluted output. The operator ensures that a sufficient quantity of the material to be diluted is available at the dilution station. The operator checks that the system is properly configured for each run. Once the correct injection rate is set, the system provides highly accurate and repeatable dilution. The flow rate of the material to be diluted is adjusted using a direct-indicating metering valve.

Automated dilution stations

More often, a dilution station like the one described above is automated so the operator can initiate or terminate dilution operations with one switch. Automated stations can provide the correct concentration of liquid to a tank that feeds a continuous or semi-continuous process. The feed tank has a High Level and a Low Level switch. When feed tank level is at or below the Low Level switch, the diluter starts automatically. The water and additive valves switch “ON” and stay on until level reaches the High Level switch, at which time they turn “OFF”. The station pauses its make-up operation until the downstream process uses enough of the solution to again lower the liquid level in the tank to the Low Level switch. The automatic makeup routine repeats itself each time level reaches the Low Level switch.

ChemIndustrial provides complete turnkey stations like this at very competitive prices. If you need a dilution station, feed tank, peripheral pumps or other related equipment, please contact ChemIndustrial.

More elaborate dilution systems

The self-powered dilution stations described above are simple, elegant and inexpensive. But in some cases, more complex control regimes are required. For those cases ChemIndustrial has a multitude of other blending and batching techniques at its disposal. Whatever level of dilution control you need, ChemIndustrial can provide the solution.