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Liquid Blending – The one question

The one question to qualify pumped venturi metering pump applications

Pumped venturi metering systems require a source of motive liquid that is always available when injection is required. Most applications of this technology feed chemicals into flowing pipelines that are always full.

Equally satisfactory is injection into a tank or other vessel that always has a level of liquid when injection is required.

Systems requiring injection into drained vessels or pipelines are generally unsuitable for pumped venturi metering systems.

Thus the one question to qualify an application for pumped venturi injection is:

Is a flooded source of motive liquid always available?

* If your process does not meet this criterion, ChemIndustrial may still have a metering pump system for you. Our Fixed flow centrifugal pump systems and chemical dilution systems are well-suited for feeding into empty vessels, open troughs and drained pipework