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Lab Neutralizers

Small, semi-automatic lab neutralizers

ChemIndustrial offers smaller liquid waste neutralizers for individual labs. These systems neutralize automatically in an integrated tank with manual tank inlet and drain controls. In these systems, liquids to be treated are added manually. A neutralization cycle is started at the press of a button and stops automatically when tank contents are fully treated. Then the neutralized liquid is discharged manually.

These systems are normally used in small labs where treatment quantities are low and equipment budgets are limited. A 45 gallon tank is standard, but other tank sizes are available.


Centralized lab neutralization systems

Because the source of waste liquid is remote from the treatment system, centralized lab neutralizers often require larger treatment tanks and a higher level of automation.  ChemIndustrial offers a range of solutions to address this situation and the floor space limitations often present in busy labs.

For larger volumes of liquid, ChemIndustrial’s industrial neutralizers described above become the systems of choice for the lab pH treatment job.

Retrofitting an existing lab for central neutralization

ChemIndustrial’s ChemSuck® system uses venturi technology to draw liquid from a small tank at each source of waste liquid into the larger tank at the central pH treatment system.

This innovative system avoids the complication of multiple pumps and the expense of gravity transfer by allowing the waste liquid lines to be run within false ceilings or along walls and above doorways.

For more information on lab neutralizers…

If you’re considering a neutralizer for lab waste, complete the Lab Neutralizer Questionnaire[pdf] and fax it to ChemIndustrial. We’ll review it and contact you with information on the appropriate system.

List of lab neutralizer applications