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Hydroclone Models

Hydroclones in many different configurations, sizes and materials. No matter what your separation needs are, Chemindustrial should be your first stop when you are considering hydroclone technology.

ChemIndustrial offers hydroclones in a variety of materials:

Polypropylene – Chemically versatile and lightweight.

Stainless Steel – Higher temperature and pressure thresholds with the corrosion resistance of 316L stainless steel.

Urethane Lined Stainless Steel – Abrasion resistant, corrosion resistant.

Solid Urethane – ChemIndustrial’s highest capacity hydroclones.

Elastomers – Standard prices cover EPDM and Viton® . More exotic materials are available at extra cost.

Hydroclones have many applications:

  • Liquid/Solid Separation – Application examples range from desanding river water to recovering cells from biological process liquids.
  • Classification – Separation of solid particles from liquid flow based on particle size and/or density.
  • Degassing – Using vortex generation to separate gasses from liquids.

Hydroclones require little or no maintenance because there are no moving parts! Sound too good to be true? It isn’t! Call ChemIndustrial today to purchase a low cost, energy efficient hydroclone solution to your separation problems.

If you still have doubts, our HydrocLOAN™ program lets you try before buying a hydroclone system.

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