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Hydroclone Assemblies

ChemIndustrial offers hydroclones as pre-engineered assemblies that include most of the required adjacent piping specialties needed for installation. Customers achieve significant project savings through:

  • Reduced design effort
  • Elimination of materials take-offs
  • Fewer purchase orders
  • Easier receiving, inventorying, staging, etc.
  • Less installation hours
  • Fewer installation errors
  • Quicker start-ups

The model HY30PPB20-ASY is a typical hydroclone assembly.[1] Here’s what it includes:

Hydroclone with 3″ inside diameter plus:

  • Two (2) body extensions
  • Two (2) 1″ outlet ball valves
  • Union flanges throughout to allow easy inspection and service
  • All contact surfaces in resistant materials:
    • Polypropylene (All plastic in contact with process except ball in ball valves)
    • Teflon® (ball in ball valves)
    • Viton® (gaskets)
  • Extra loose parts
    • Two (2) orifice blanks. These are to be drilled in the field and used to replace the outlet valve(s) after your flow requirements are determined.
    • Two (2) 90o 1″ elbows. Used if the axial hydroclone outlets must discharge in a horizontal direction.
    • Two (2) support brackets. These AISI 304SS brackets support the hydroclone from two horizontal 1″ square tubes in such a way that the hydroclone can be removed for easy inspection and service. Brackets are compatible with ChemIndustrial’s engineered Hydroclone support structures. They are designed to slip over 1″ square tubes where they can be bolted or welded as required.


  • Assembly height overall: 34.5″
  • Connections:
    • Inlet: 2″ FPT
    • Upflow outlet: 1″ FPT
    • Downflow outlet: 1″ FPT

[1] Similar assemblies are available for all hydroclone models.

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