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Fertigation and Chemigation Injectors


Chemigation Systems International

A subsidiary of Chemindustrial Systems Inc., Chemigation Systems International has been building American-made fertilizer and chemical injectors for agriculture and turf for over 40 years.
  • For FERTIGATION:  fertilizer injectors
    Reliably apply fertilizer through an irrigation system. CSI offers very high fertilizer injection rates per dollar and extreme durability.
  • For CHEMIGATION:  chemical injectors
    Precision, long-lasting, high capacity chemical injection systems.
  • pH control
    Economically correct acidic or basic pH values in irrigation pipelines by using aggressive chemicals that would quickly kill ordinary metering pumps.
  • Proportional injectors
    In these models, the rate of injection changes in response to changes in the irrigation water flow rate.
  • Multi-stream injectors
    Control injection of up to four different fertilizers and/or chemicals into an irrigation system simultaneously or sequentially, in any combination. These systems minimize the moving parts in your system while maximizing flexibility and reliability.
Mobile metering pump system with on-board tanks and controls

Operations, maintenance and consulting services
  • On-site service contracts
  • Remote service contracts
  • Remote monitoring contracts
  • On-site evaluation
  • On-site planning
CSI offers a range of services supporting and enhancing installations of our chemigation and fertigation equipment. For example, remote monitoring can be enabled by optional on-board data links using CSI equipment.