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Fertigation and Chemigation Injectors


American-made fertilizer and chemical injectors for agriculture and turf

  • Fertigation – Fertilizer Injectors
    The most effective method for adding fertilizers to crops through an irrigation system
  • Chemigation – Chemical Injectors
    Precision and high capacity chemical injection systems
  • pH control
    Accurately correct acidic or basic pH values in irrigation pipelines
  • Proportional Injectors
    The rate of injection changes in response to changes in the irrigation water flow rate
  • Multi-Stream Injectors
    Control injection of up to four different fertilizers and/or chemicals into an irrigation system simultaneously or sequentially, in any combination
Mobile metering pump system with on-board tanks and controls


Operations, maintenance and consulting services
  • On-site service contracts
  • Remote service contracts
  • Remote monitoring contracts
  • Process evaluation
  • Process planning
CSI offers a range of services supporting and enhancing installations of our chemigation and fertigation equipment. For example, remote monitoring can be enabled by optional on-board data links using CSI equipment.