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Cooling Tower Chemical Feeders

Three-chemical cooling tower injection system using venturi injection technology.

Accurately meet your precise cooling tower chemical treatment requirements.

Whether your cooling tower is large or small, it has chemical treatment requirements that must be met accurately and reliably to control corrosion, scale and deposits. Chemicals injected include corrosion inhibitors, scale inhibitors, dispersants, biological control agents, flocculants and coagulants.
ChemIndustrial Cooling Tower Chemical Feed Systems are self-contained process skids, so they include feeders and controls in a complete package at a reasonable price. And if you have special requirements, ChemIndustrial’s automated chemical feed experience means we can probably solve your problem with a pre-existing hardware/software configuration.

Cooling tower chemical feeders – features

  • Reliable pumped venturi injection 
  • Chemical resistance, configurability, many available options
  • Low component count
  • A complete, integrated package ready to install
  • Available with tank, or to integrate with owner’s tank
  • Single vendor responsibility
  • Intuitive controls
  • Multiple control modes for difficult processes
  • Liquid circulation cleans the sensor
  • Prompted sensor calibration
  • On-board alarm system integrates with owner’s controls
  • Optional modem allows remote operation and troubleshooting
Three-chemical cooling tower injection system using venturi injection technology
Flexible controls:
  • Standard control modules for 1, 2, 3 or 4 chemicals. Standard modules can be networked to support more complex injection strategies.
  • Easy injection program set-up lets operators tailor injections to individual chemical requirements, set blowdown conditions, automate incremental chemical makeup… even automate cooling loop remake from scratch if desired.
  • Select between sensor-based and time-based chemical feed.
  • Use the “remember” mode or the “forget” mode to control the system’s reactions to missed injections resulting from power outages and intentional shutdowns.
  • System totalizes and displays injection minutes and missed injection minutes.
  • Easy-to-understand LCD panel displays system status.
  • Modem communications enable remote monitoring and remote system operation.
  • Built-in beacon and audible alarm. Includes an alarm output contact for connection to the customer’s external alarm circuit.
  • Easily add program modules to deal with unusual situations.
Mechanically simple:
  • Pumped venturi injection technology eliminates problems associated with piston and diaphragm pumps.
  • Single cooling tower chemical feeder can handle one or multiple chemical feeds.
  • Polypropylene piping has a wide range of chemical resistance.
  • Designed with clamp unions for easy maintenance.
  • Stainless steel skid frame.
  • One purchase order buys the whole chemical feed system including strainers, check valves, flowmeters, controls, alarms, etc.
Computerized control panel for management of simple or complex injection programs
Fully integrated skid minimizes system installation costs

Chemical metering for cooling towers is just one aspect of ChemIndustrial’s range of chemical injection capabilities.

Whether you need a cooling tower treatment system or any other automated chemical feed system, call ChemIndustrial today to discuss your requirements.