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Chemical Metering Pumps

metering 4x15r
ChemIndustrial’s pumped venturi chemical feed/metering systems:  a full range of feed rates for industrial applications.
  • CapacitiesSingle injectors from 1gph to 400gph. How much do you need to inject?
  • Multi injectorsTwo, three or four injectors on one skid with one motor for simultaneous or independent chemical feed. What could be easier?
  • InjectatesLiquids or gases -- almost any fluid. What do you want to inject?
  • MaterialsEngineered materials in contact with your concentrated chemicals. Do your injectates need corrosion resistant metering equipment?
  • PowerElectric motors or gasoline engines - even diesels or propanes. Do you need to run your injection system at remote sites?
  • ControlsFrom manually adjustable rates to electronic closed loop proportional feed, and everything in between. How much automation do you you need?
ChemIndustrial chemical feeders are simple to install and effective in operation.  Field-proven over a quarter century, in all environments, on 5 continents:  reliable, cost effective and energy efficient.

How do ChemIndustrial pumped venturi metering pumps work?

Pumped venturi systems use a centrifugal pump to drive a side stream of liquid (the “motive liquid”) from a flowing pipeline or a vessel through one or more high-efficiency venturis.
As the motive liquid passes through the venturi a vacuum is generated that sucks and mixes the injected fluid (the “injectate”) into the motive liquid. The combined motive and injectate liquids then return to the pipeline or vessel.
The injectate can be a liquid or a gas.
ChemIndustrial applies proprietary system design techniques to arrange the motive and injectate flows to accomplish accurate injection rates over a very wide range of process conditions. We apply proprietary control techniques to satisfy customer automation requirements
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Special metering pump applications

ChemIndustrial provides special alternatives for unusual applications when a standard pumped venturi metering pump is not applicable:
Proportional injectors:
Injecting chemicals at a constant percentage of a changing main flow is difficult to do accurately with piston and diaphragm pumps because of the pulsing flows they deliver. But ChemIndustrial’s pumped venturi injectors are well-suited to the task. Our proportional injection controls make the injection rate respond to flow changes in the pacing stream for true flow-following injection. Integrated electronics allow automated or manual operation. The LCD user interface and touchpad are clear and intuitive.
Fixed flow centrifugal pumps:
ChemIndustrial combines centrifugal pumps with proprietary flow regulating devices to deliver consistant quantities of liquids over a wide range of process line pressures, effectively locking the pump output to an exact working point on its pressure/flow curve.
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Metering pump FAQs