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AutoCalibrate™ – automated pH calibration

ChemIndustrial’s AutoCalibrate™ system simplifies pH control and neutralization by relieving operators of the need to manually Calibrate pH probes on a regular basis.

AutoCalibrate™ integrates a ChemIndustrial in-line combination pH probe with a close-coupled computer-operated valve manifold that also serves as the probe holder.

AutoCalibrate™ (panel to left) is one of many advanced neutralizer options

During normal production operations the valves direct your process liquid across the sensing face of the pH probe. During calibration the valves follow a sequence that drains, rinses and bathes the probe in appropriate reference solutions.

During each calibration the computer automatically compensates for changes in probe condition. The computer also alerts the operator when the probe nears the end of its useful life.

The AutoCalibrate™ computer also acts as an intelligent pH transmitter. In addition to the pH signal it can provide an interlock that can be used to pause the process during calibration. In redundant probe systems it can coordinate the calibration of several probes so as to avoid the need for calibration-related process shutdowns.

The AutoCalibrate™ system minimizes pH probe holder volume, thus speeding process response and minimizing calibration solution usage. All process contact parts are polypropylene and Viton™ or EPDM, giving wide resistance against chemicals typically encountered in pH control system


ChemIndustrial’s basic AutoCalibrate™ concept is flexible enough to allow customized functions such as:

  • Cleaning: Automatic in-place probe cleaning (CIP)
  • Isolation: Rinse and hold sequences to isolate pH probes from harsh process conditions when the sensor signal isn’t needed
  • As an alternative to mechanical probe retraction devices

ChemIndustrial can configure AutoCalibrate™ systems for use with most existing process sampling systems. If no sampling system exists we can include a ChemIndustrial AutoSample™ system.

ChemIndustrial AutoCalibrate™ and AutoSample™ configurations are available on most ChemIndustrial pH control and neutralizing systems. We also make these advanced pH control devices available as replacements for other manufacturers pH controllers.