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About us…

ChemIndustrial Systems, Inc. was founded in 1992 by a group of engineers and other professionals with decades of experience in process design and liquid handling industries. We rapidly expanded coverage of the process, irrigation, chemical and liquid waste treatment industries through:

  • Innovative chemical metering and pumping technologies
  • A broad product line of complementary equipment to provide complete, integrated systems – or individual components – wherever liquids of nearly any type are moved, manipulated and processed
  • Zealous commitment to product reliability, design excellence, careful documentation, and cost containment


ChemIndustrial's venturi-based metering systems offer a full range of chemical feed rates, extreme chemical resistance, and engineered flexibility for a huge variety of industrial applications.


Engineered resistance to aggressive chemicals, with few moving parts. Dangerous chemicals move under vacuum, not high pressure, so catastrophic chemical spills are less likely.


High chemical feed rates per dollar.

We can customize for your chemical injection needs

From milliliters per hour to gallons per minute, ChemIndustrial systems can handle an enormous range of chemical injection rates.

Chemindustrial’s venturi-based injection systems handle corrosive chemicals that KILL ordinary metering pumps.

Industries served

Chemical processing

Chemical Processing




Water treatment

Water Treatment